Current license/legal status of YouTrack

Hi JetBrains-Team, I have some question concerning the current legal/development status of YouTrack.

Currently it is not possible to purchase a YouTrack license due to technical reasons (propably next two months).

- Is there any more specific date when this technical issue will be resolved?

I already have tried to request a product quote/purchase based on a 50% discount offer, I received from JetBRains, for existing customers, valid until 1st September 2010

- Will this offer perion be extended beyond 1st September 2010, if purchases will not be able to be processed until that date or will I have to pay the full price then?

Currently I have set my installation based on the bundled evaluation license. As per Section 5.(a/b) of the YouTrack license agreement this installation can only be used for evaluation and must not be used in a production environment.

- What should I do when my evaluation license expires or I want to switch to production use of YouTrack?


Heiko Wagner

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Hello Heiko,

Unfortunately, YouTrack will not be available for purchase during the upcoming 1-2 months due to unavailability of an essential 3rd party component which we can not distribute commercially along with YouTrack any more. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, and we do our best to find a solution. At the moment we cannot specify more accurate terms. The discount offer for the existing customers will be extended of course, and we'll notify you immediately when the product is available for purchasing. Please, contact us via email before your evaluation license expires. 


YouTrack Team

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Thanks, for your reply. This clears things up.




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