"Can't create project due to license restrictions" on 10 projects, Commercial License


I've purchased a Commercial License of YouTrack and is now running v2.0.1.

I have 10 projects created and when I attempted to create a new once there was

"Can't create project due to license restrictions" error message displayed.

Is it a commercial license limitation?

Unfortunately, "Pricing and Editions" section is currently unavailable ..

Thank you!

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Hello Evgeny,

Which edition have you purchased? If you have Starter edition then you are limited to 10 projects and 10 user accounts, if you have Professional edition, then you are limited to 20 projects and 20 user accounts, and finally, if you have Enterprise edition, then you have unlimited number of projects and users.  


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Yeah, right, I have Starter edition. Will upgrade to Professional, I guess.

Thank you, Valerie!


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