Generating "product roadmap" and "release notes" in YouTrack

I use YouTrack with TeamCity, and the combination is working very well.

I wish to generate a product road-map (what issues are assigned to be fixed in what versions, grouped by subsystem, sorted by priority and showing the issue id, status, priority and description of each issue, one issue per line.

Et. sim. for release notes.

I had hoped this would be native behaviour in YouTrack but I can't find such a report.

I did mock up a report of issues fixed in version 0.3.0 of my project.  I could sort the data, but I couldn't see all pertinent information on the report (just issue id and description; no status, priority, subsystem).  And I couldn't effect a group-by.

How should I approach these topics in YouTrack?

Thanks, Robin.

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I just tried http://<domain>/youtrack/releaseNotes and got some really interesting results.

I can parameterise the query to show items in a specific fix version, state, etc.

Is it possible to add other fields to the output?  By default I see only issueId and description.  I'd like to add state,priority and subsystem.

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I just discovered this too. I wish there was some documentation on it somewhere.  I was planning to roll my own, but leveraging this would be great.
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aaaaand this is 4 years old.  Still...

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