FileNotFoundException when using modified REST call


I´m trying to use the 'GET /project/issues' REST call for our youtrack server in a java application.

Since a call for http://youtrack.ourserver.tld/rest/project/issues results in a 401 error I searched for a possibility to authenticate. Somewhere in the documentation i´ve found the snippet ":port/httpAuth/app" that has to be pasted behind the host part.

So I built the url http://youtrack.ourserver.tld:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/project/issues and added an Authenticator call.

While another REST call works with this work-around 'GET /project/issues' just throws a FileNotFoundException.

We´re using version 2.2.0.

How can I get this call working?

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Hello Robert.

It is very strange... Where did you find metions about ":port/httpAuth/app"?

YouTrack does not support HTTP Authentigfication.

To login into YouTrack you should use next REST method:


Sergey Andreev

QA Engineer

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Thank you!

I´ve found about the :port/httpAuth/app thing at

Now I realize that at this place I somehow confused TeamCity and YouTRACK REST API, but this works for GET /rest/projects YouTRACK call for example.

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Yes and it responses with the excepted project list.

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Hm. This is a little bit odd. As you referenced documentation for our continuos integration server TeamCity. And it shouldn't work for our bug tracker application YouTrack. Can you provide a sample of its response?

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Of course

Here it is. I´ve just replaced the project names:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><projects><project name="ProjectNameX" id="project2" href="/httpAuth/app/rest/projects/id:project2"/><project name="ProjectNameY" id="project3" href="/httpAuth/app/rest/projects/id:project3"/><project name="ProjectZ" id="project4" href="/httpAuth/app/rest/projects/id:project4"/></projects>

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I have to apologize. It seems this response is really from a TeamCity installation on the same server. Sorry for confusion!


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