Sending messages from YouTrack - emails "From" address is correct but not the name


My YouTrack is set to send its mail notifications through "" Gmail user and it does so successfully. But a recipient recieves ths emal as "User That Made The Change <>", i.e., from's email address is "", as configured but name is of user that initiated the change that caused e-mail to be sent.

For example, when I configured YouTrack to be notified of my own changes and created a new issue, assigning it to my self, I got the following message - see "1.png" attached. "" user has a name "YouTrack Admin" configured in Gmail and that's how I get any email  sent from this account - see "2.png" attached.

Should it be this way? Should name of the user that caused the change to appear in "From" instead of name of user who's SMTP account is used to send e-mails?

What I'm looking for is for any e-mail sent from YouTrack to any user coming from "YouTrack Admin <>" and not "Some User <>"

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Hello Evgeny,

each user has option in his profile "Use my e-mail in notifications 'from' field". Seems this is your case.

Sorry, no, this is not your case.


Sergey Andreev

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Yes, and I don't have this filed checked. Should I open an issue then ?

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That's it, as you described. Could you please presice what the problem is?

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I would expect mails sent through specific user have its name in "From" and not of user who made the change. After all, mails are not coming from user who made the change that triggered an e-mail, they are coming from YouTrack Admin e-mail account. Two images attached to my original post show the problem - today YouTrack does "1.png" while I prefer it doing "2.png".

Is it possible? Or if not, may be it can be made configurable in future versions.

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Currently it is not possible.

You can create Feature request for your case.



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