Cannot assign users to project

I am evaluating the hosted YouTrack for possible use by our client. I ran into the same issue described here:

When I followed the steps in the FAQ I do not get the same tabs shown. I am logging in as root and I only get tabs for Main, Workflow and Custom Fields.

So it is impossible to assign users to a project, and hence to enter issues that are assigned to anyone...

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Steve, we've just updated hosted YouTrack to the new EAP where "assignee" is already a custom field, but custom field editing UI is still ugly. Also aliases for fields in this EAPare broken, so you should use "Assignee username" instead of "for username".

I've created a short screencast that shows how to edit list of assignees in the current EAP:

In the next EAP you will be able to edit values for custom field just in the project settings. Also you will be able to use field aliases, i.e. both commands "for username" and "assignee username" will work.


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