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I started using YouTrack Energy EAP (build #132) with the hosted version and now after using it for awhile, I wanted to instll it on our Windows Server. The current release was a little different and I'm having trouble trying to edit and delete the fields that are automatically added into a project.

With the YouTrack Energy EAP (build #132), I can go to Projects -> Fields to remove any unwanted fields and I was able to edit the list in the Custom Fields section but nothing is there and I'm stuck on how to edit these default fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello, Key!

Actually, you can't move to standalone 2.2.1 without loosing most of your data. If you want to move to standalone youtrack, you have 3 opportunities:

1) You can start standalone 2.2.1 wit empty database, so you'll loose all your data from hosted youtrack.

2) You can use YouTrack EAP builds, as in hosted/ So you will not need to delete any fields, you can just run standalone EAP build with database from hosted.

3) You can use hosted  until 3.0 Youtrack is released. It will happen 01.06.2011..


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