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I evaluate trial version of YouTrack for our company and get a pair of problems:

1. Sometimes YouTrack do not accept correct LOGIN and PSW. But if i start other Internet browser and do the same login procedure with the same data - it works. Normally i use FireFox as alternative i use IE.

2. It happend already for the second time in 3 days. When I get in YouTrack as admin and look at my project info it shows me that project contains 8 issues. After I go to Issues list then I see only a or 5 issues. Where are rest issue? Why i could not see it? With normal account I see all.

All other functionality looks good. Integration with TeamCity also worked. But this strange behaviour maked us mad. Maybe this hiding of issues are part of trial version?

Could somebody help me or we should move to other tracking tools.


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Hello Aurelijus,http://devnet.jetbrains.net/people/maciusa

what version of YouTrack do you use?

About login - very strange, we hear about it for the first time, what language do you use to authentificate?

About unseen issues - issues (also attachments and comments) has their Visibility Group.

Seems that these 3 issues has visibility restricted by some groups that your root acount is not a memer of.


Sergey Andreev

QA Engineer

JetBrains, Inc


"Develop with pleasure!"

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Hello Sergey,

I looked detaily at situation with login problem:

1. YouTrack 2.2.1 (build #803 [01-Feb-2011 10:04] ) WinXP - english, all passwords and login names contains only normal letters no special signs or numbers.

2. My environment is build so that I have TeamCity and YouTrack servers on one virtual WinXP machine. My login and password for both servers is the same. So If I in IE try to login into YouTrack - it works, but if I start and login into TeamCity at first and later try to login into YouTrack then it ignores my input. The checkmark "Remember Me" on both login windows (TeamCity & YouTrack) is set. The case where I open YourTrack first and then TeamCity - works.

3. Issue visibility I will check.


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issue with visibility I solved. Thnak you.

Login issue: where i get this *.war file because only *.exe possible to download from  JetBrains.com



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