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May I give a comment on the hosted YouTrack initiative :-)

This offer seems to be really useful for small (and especially distributed) teams of developers around the world, but it would have serious additional value if it was accompanied with a bunch of hosted version control systems, such as Subversion, Git, Mercurial and whatsoever. At the moment I and my colleagues use one of paid services of that sort, offering SVN as a VCS and Trac as an issue tracker. But an opportunity of using hosted YouTrack + hosted SVN or Git looks much more attractive to me and, I guess, many other developers. If only the price would be reasonable :-)

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Alex, thank you for your interest to YouTrack.

We are thinking about this aspect for some time. Once our vision of this problem is clear we'll start do the stuff.

And we'll do our best to provide reasonable pricing as we did for the Hosted one.


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