Mailbox Integration and SPAM

Ever since we enabled our "support@(my company).com" email address a few years ago, we've received a tremendous amount of SPAM, making it very difficult to sort out real issues from garbage.

Now, I'd like to add a new email "" and use the Mailbox Integration feature on YouTrack to create new issues.  But the filtering on the Mailbox Integration is very primitive; there's no way to limit the emails that get accepted (other than by email address).

Does anyone have any ideas about how to prevent spam getting into the Mailbox Integration feature?

Here are some initial thoughts:

1. Allow YouTrack to connect to our mailserver through some sort of "internal" method (that is, not using our public SMTP address).  Not sure how to do this.

2. Add a feature to YouTrack to enable more advanced filtering (i.e., some sort of special passcode has to be in the email for it to be acted on)

3. Add a Microsoft Exchange interface to YouTrack? (yeah, right!)

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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Hello David,

There is no email filtering functionality in YouTrack. We suggest that you use a common spam filter.


Alexander Volfman
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"


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