Email integration full possibilities

Hi there, can you explain full possibilities of email intergration? Documentation is quite simple showing possibility for issue creation via sending email just with sentence


    • Apply command — specify a command to apply automatically to a created issue.  For example:
      for user fromMail ${from}

      In a command to applied to issues created from an email, we support a ${from}  variable in commands, which will be set to the e-mail's 'From' e-mail address.  The example command provided above means that any new issue created from e-mails  (matching specified rule) will be assigned to user and a custom field  'fromMail' will be set to a sender's email address (email address in the 'From'  field of the message).

    • Delete fetched email — if enabled, fetched email message will be deleted  from the mailbox after an issue has been created.
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    I would like to know all possibilities as obviously everybody is using email for communicatino outsite youtrack and therefore quick issue creation, issue updates directly by sending email with some specific keywords is extreme help.

    So my question is, once issue is create, can I send another mail (where for example ID of issue will be added to subject as keyword and this email will be added to issue?

    Can I send email attachments to issue?

    Many thanks for your answer


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    Answers to the letter that caused issue creation are added as comments to the issue. Unfortunately we don't support issue manipulations from email subject or body.

    Email attachments are copied as the issue attachments.

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    Hi Maxim

    thanks a lot for your email, do you have any specific reason why you do not support at least easy update and adding attachment to tasks via email? I mean not only via directly answering initial notification email but any email with task ID between some recognizable characters.

    You have already solved reading of emails, digesting its content so it should be quite easy programming, shouldn't be?

    And it would increase usability of the system dramaticaly.

    Do you think this feature to be added to next version updates?

    Thanks a lot


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    Algorithm that discovers that email is associated with an issue is a bit smarter. It tries following strategies to determine that email corresponds to the issue:

    1. Standard MIME threading by message-id/in-reply-to.

    2. Reference to the issue id in the subject.

    3. Threading by subject, without Re, Fwd and ignoring square bracketed content. Like GMail does for threading.

    We have pretty old issue for that kind of functionality you are talking about. It has too few votes to be added to the nearest iteration backlog.

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    I see, how people can work without it? :-)

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    We have the same problem here, we want any email referencing a issue id to be added to the comment threads and attachments to the issue. The could be implemented with regex without the need of the email headers. Is there a way for us to do this using the workflow editor. Many members of our teams have expressed the problem that people originating the issue (clients) we don't want them to have access to the system therefore we're not creating accounts for them. If the team internally forwards an email or someone mentiones the issue id and adds the issue id in the subject or body this does not get reference in the tracker making it imposible to add new content unless we continue the original thread.


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