Workflow to reopen items

I don't really understand the work flow editor syntax. 

I need a workflow that reopens all issues within a certain project on a daily basis

I need a workflow that reopens all issues with a specific field set to a certain value (ie customfield1 = xyz) on a daily basis.

Can anyone please help me?

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Hi Matthew,

1. Open Workflow editor and create new workflow - find icon on the toolbar. Inside this workflow create new schedule rule. Using Ctrl+Space choose 'daily at...' - it means this rule will be invoked every day. Leave condition(expression) empty or delete it at all - it means 'all issues' in project where this workflow will be attached to in Youtrack Administration part.

Continue: 'issue.State = {Reopened}'.

Rule is ready. Now you should upload worklfow on your Youtrack server and attach it to a project.

2. Again create schedule rule, 'daily'. Add condition: 'issue.customfield1 == xyz', so rule will be applyed to all issues with customfield1 == xyz.

Inside again type 'issue.state = {Reopened}'

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I meant to mark this is correct but accidentally hit helpful and can't figure out how to fix it!

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Never mind, I'm glad that it helped you.


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