Executing Commands from a Comment to a VCS Change Commit in YouTrack/TeamCity Integration

This is not working for me, though I am receiving TeamCity  links to YouTrack issues that I put in VCS comments such as ID-nnn, but  if I use the form "#ID-nnn fixed" that command is supposed to change the  issues status in YouTrack.

As I am trying to get the above to work, I have my  YouTrack->TeamCity Integration-> mapping->Actions->Apply  Command set to blank, but I have found any command provided there also  doing nothing.

My guess is that I am missing some magic dust regarding the state of  an Item in YouTrack that would allow it to qualify for the Items VCS  command being issued - and that in my testing I am not following a  proper workflow. My guess is:

  1. Do a build, release the build in YouTrack (Admin-Project->Fields->Fix Versions, add version number, release it)

  2. Wait for issues to be created and assigned to that build via Item:Affected Versions.

  3. Grab the issue id and use it in VCS comments as a command: #ID-nnn fixed
  4. Commit, triggering build.
  5. Go to YouTrack and see that issues status is now Fixed??

In short, what are the qualifiers for an Item to be affected by VCS  commands, what is the proper workflow, and how do I get the integration  mapping command (which I left blank above), to work?

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