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I am testing out YouTrack for my organization, and I have a few challenges. The main issue is that I don't really want the end users to know about youTrack at all as this will probably generate even more noise, and we cant handle this.

The email integration will be quite sufficient for them, and the developers can you youtrack to keep track of the issues. But this requires me to change the email that is sent out to the user when submitting the first request. Is this possible? I could of course add all new requests to a common user, but this will reduce tracking, and also I had some strange behaviour doing this (emails being added to old threads). So what I really want is just to remove the lines in the mail informing about username/passord and link to youtrack.

All help is appreciated.

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Hello Snorre,

Unfortunately, customizable email templates are not yet supported. We have such feature request, Feel free to vote for it, comment it, and watch the progress.

Best regards,



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