How to hide projects from different users

I created two different projects (A and B) and two different groups (GroupA, GroupB) ... both with 'Developer' or 'Project Admin' role).

I associated GroupA with project A and GroupB with project B.

I created two different users (Alfred, Bob). I associated Alfred with GroupA and Bob with Group B.

If I login as Alfred, I can see issues from project B. Alfred can only CREATE issues for project A but I don't want him to know that project B exists. How do I do this?

If I have 200 projects in here ... does everyone have readonly access to all issues from all projects?




Hello Luther,

By default, any user registered in the system is a member of a specific group 'All Users', to which users are added automatically and which cannot be deleted. This group has by default the Observer role, which gives permissions to read issues and read comments in all projects. In your use case, assuming that e.g. Alfred is a member of only two groups ('All users' and 'group A), that's why Alfred can see issues in project B.

For your case, what you need to do is unassign the Observer role from the 'All Users' group. Then Alfred will have only those permissions which are assigned to his group A.

Please note, that the guest user by default also has a personal Observer role, though it does not belong to the 'All Users' group. So if the guest user account is enabled, unathorized users also will be able to view issues in all projects.

Another thing to notice is that you will have to manually add each new user to a needed group (otherwise they might not be able to see any issue in your tracker) and carefully configure user groups, to which users are added automatically.

I hope, this will help.

Best regards,






Hello  Ekaterina Ivanova,
I've tried to execute your instructions but my user still have access to all the projects.
Can you help me?
Hello Yaron,

Of course I'll be happy to help!
Could you please contact me directly at and provide some details about your YouTrack installation? Do you use YT Standalone or YT InCloud? Which subscription plan do you use?

best regards,
Hey there..
I'm having the same problem here.
I created a new user and put them in their own unique group. I have only added that group to one project.

I also went into the All Users group and unassigned the Observer role.

That user is still seeing all of my projects.

I'm currently using InCloud YT.
Please help!

hello Jeffrey,
Could you please contact me directly at and provide some details about your YouTrack installation?
Which subscription plan do you use?
Also, could you please send me a screenshot of the "Permissions View" tab for the user that should not have access to the target project (Administration > Users > <user> > Permissions View tab)
any additional info would be appreciated.

best regards,
This was resolved!
Thanks so much, Kate!


5 years later, the same issue here. YT Standalone. The user does not see the issues, but sees all the projects, I'd like to fix that.


Hello Jinn, please check the roles and permissions this user has granted to him on the Global project. Note that all permissions granted for the Global project have effect on all projects in the system.

If you still experience any issues or need assistance with permissions management, please write us to



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