YouTrack back to initial setup suddenly

My (free) YouTrack instance seems to have lost it's database information!  Does anyone know how to get the database back?  I tried to follow the Changing the Database Location instructions ( but I don't seem to be using a WAR distribution.  I'm on w2k8r1, using a local system account to run the service.  I seem to have a teamsysdata folder in the root of C (for whatever reason), now I somehow need to get YouTrack to point back to that database instance.

Any help would be appreciated!

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So this was related to other posts about initial installation vs. a server reboot.  The installation was initially done under my user account, but for some reason the database folder was located in the root of the windows installation disk.  I was able to find the web.xml file and updated the database.location property to point to that location and everything appears to have been retained and is working ok now.  Will attempt to update the service at some point to use an underprivileged account, but for now this works!


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