error when deleting or migrating a user.

When I try to delete or merge a user I recieve the following errors


Could not delete user "dave", because it is referenced as:

  1. author of attachments in {FEG-27, FEG-27, BNR-6, BNR-6, BNR-9, BNR-9, FEG-117, BRAND-33, BRAND-34, FEG-136 and more...} issues
  2. updatedBy for {IssueComment: id = 72-5502[up-to-date] (Saved)}
  3. comment author in {FEG-11, LP-9, JC-11, LP-9, LP-9, JC-11, JC-18, JC-18, JC-18, LP-12 and more...} issues
  4. user who has updated issue history for {JC-4, FEG-112, FEG-154, BG-417, FEG-162, FEG-174, FEG-178, YT-9} issues
  5. reporter of {WLDRF-2, LP-1, LP-12, JC-18, SYS-28, FEG-61, JC-23, SYS-33, SYS-35, SYS-40 and more...} issues
  6. user who has updated {JC-4, FEG-112, LP-32, FEG-154, BG-417, FEG-162, FEG-178, YT-9} issues


Could not delete user "dave", because it is referenced as:

updatedBy for {IssueComment: id = 72-5502[up-to-date] (Saved)}

Is there a way to repair this data so I can ideally merge this user into a new user account?


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<deleted duplicate post>

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This ended up fixing itself but some insight would be helpful.

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This issue will be fixed in bugfix release 3.3:


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