Feature request: Reminder

I'd like to have possibility to ask YT to remind me about some issue or comment at time which i set.

For example a user story could be the following:

  - There is an issue "Add simple order form to start page"

  - I add comment to it "I wrote an message to designer to make mockup for the form. He promised to show them tomorow at 14:00"

  - Then i want click button "Remind" at my comment and set "tomorrow, 14:00"

Now i expect to receive a message via email or jabber from YT tomorrow at 14:00.

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Hello Vasily,

I've created a feature request in our tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/JT-12749

Please feel free to vote for it, add comments, or just add yourself to the list of watchers so you'd get notifications about issue changes.

Best regards,



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