Is it possible to have just a particular field in a project editable by only certain people?


Can I have a filed in a project that's only editable by certain people / groups?  How?

alexander.volfman (7937240830444206659)

Hi Jerry,

You can declare a field as 'private'. Access to private fields can be granted to a role. Then you can assign the role to a user or a group on a project basis.

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Thanks - I'm finally getting around to doing this :-) Seems like this is harder than it needs to be and there's only one level of "private" - either private or not.  This is good enough for my current purposes...  Thanks again,



Another related question - I have a field that I'd like to make private for just one project but it's one of the standard fields (Priority) that's shared by all projects.  Can I somehow create another similar field but private and swap it for the existing field in one project, preserving the current state of that field in all tickets for that project?


Nevermind - I figured it out :-)


In the same vein - can I set per field which users or roles are allowed to set a field? For example we only want our Scrum Master to be able to set the "Estimate" custom field.


Hello George, I'm sorry for the delay. You can make this 'Estimate' field Private, and then grant permission to 'Update Private Fields' only to the Scrum Master (by assigning him some role).

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you.


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