Workflow question: field.required() doesn't prevent creation of new issue

I'm trying to create some field value validation through workflows. In particular I just want to make sure that a field is not set to Undefined or Unassigned for example. The problem is that despite using field.required() the user can still submit the issue with the field set to Undefined or Unassigned. Using the following code, nicked straight out of the docs ( doesn't appear to work. I get the hint that the value needs to be set at the top of the page. Despite that the issue can be submitted and one is created.

rule Don't allow to submit issue without Assignee
when !isReported() {
  Assignee.required("Assignee not set.");

We've also tried using Assert but that brings other problems such as field values unable to be set by the user, and popup menus closing so fast that you can't select a values, seemingly it's because the assert keeps poping up preventing any action to stick (using when !isReported() or <issue created or updated>).

Can I get youTrack to prevent the user to submit an issue of some fields are not set accordingly?


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Unfortunately it's known but not yet fixed bug -

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Thanks again Dmitry for a prompt response. I'll check the bugtracker before posting in the forum next time. :-)


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