Issues integrating TestLink and YouTrack


We're having issues integrating YouTrack and TestLink.  See details below... I've already had some dialogue with the support team but I havn't heard back in a while so I though I'd post it on the community forum instead.




Please find required files attached.  Note the switch in for integration is commented out as we have it switched off currently.  Uncomment to reproduce what we are seeing.



On 10 January 2012 20:26, Sergey Andreev <> wrote:

Hello, Ben

Could you send us your int_bugtracking.php and for investigation?

Right now you can roll-back changes in

2012/1/6 Ben Sullivan <>


We have TestLink 1.9.3 and youtrack 3.0.1 running on Ubuntu 11.04.

I have followed instructions here:

When I add the line

$g_interface_bugs='YOUTRACK';" to then I am no longer

able to view test cases in TestLink in order to run them in order to access

the YouTrack integration screens.

Please advise how we can rectify this.





Sergey Andreev

QA Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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please, take my apologises for such a long delay.

Right now I'm investigating this issue.

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I can not reproduce it.

I downloaded Testlink 1.9.3 and installed it using apache2

As I see Testlink team added our configuration files into their default installation package, so there is no need to do steps 1,2,3 from this instruction (it is out of date a lettle, we'll fix it soon)

I've created user with login/password teslink/testlink in YouTrack

I took your! from attachment

Everything works (without bug tracking integration)

I uncommented the last string from your file ($g_interface_bugs='YOUTRACK';) and refreshed the page in Testlink

All my test cases were still there

I navigated to test execution - bugtracker integration icon appeared

So right now I don't know what problem can be here.


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