Tag specification in Workflow

How can I add a tag visible for the specified user only?

I am adding the tag but it's shown just for me and not for the issue assignee.

when !issue.isReported() && Assignee != null{

     if(Assignee.login == "ivanoff"){

          addTag("ivanoff persistent private tag");



After reporting the issue I get this tag in my tags section, but I want it to apear in the specified user's tags section (if the tag doesn't exist yet).

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Unfortunately there is no possibility to create shared(visible to/updatable by some group) tag in workflow yet. You can share it manually on tags side bar. Vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-13856.

But you can add already shared tag in the same way as private tag if workflow rule is invoked on behalf of shared tag owner.


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