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We’re looking to migrate from a redmine setup, and are strongly considering using the YouTrack tool, based on impressions from demos. We have a few questions however, that are essential for us to answer before we move any further.

As of right now, we’re running a redmine setup, where we have a job running every 5 minutes that checks for new projects and creates an svn repository for that project incase one hasnt already been created. In addition to this, svn repository access is validated against the redmine userbase, which means we dont have to double maintain users (im not really sure whether it syncronizes or svn actually valides against redmine, but it does not really make a difference). The result is that since this was set up initially for us by an external ressource, it just runs - there is not vcs maintenance of any kind. We do lightweight webdevelopment projects, and have no one with a sysadmin profile inhouse. For that reason we have tried to automate this process as much as possible, and get it to a state where there is as little work related to starting up a project as possible. We need a repository pr project, mainly because we do many projects with many different clients and on some projects we need to allow vcs rights for clients and on some we dont.

So the question is:

If we start using YouTrack, can we automate repository creation and can we maintain one userbase / credentials in one place? Vcs is not important – we do not have particular preference for svn, it just happens to be what we’re familiar with on the toolside. If anything solves our problem with a different vcs, that could be a solution also. I have viewed a tutorial video that shows integration with github, but i am looking for something that completely automates this process, similar to the setup we have today in redmine.

Hope my case is clear. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Thank you for describing this case, it's rather interesting. I have to admit , the scenario you've requested is not supported at the moment. Here's the feature request, please feel free to vote for it to get it implemented faster:

However, there're several features that can ease this.
  • YouTrack has LDAP integration. SVN and other VCSes can integrate with it as well. This can be useful in case you have any user directory already available.
  • YouTrack has comprehensive VCS integration via TeamCity (this is described in the request mentioned above)

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