Granularity of Ticket Permissions

Hello All -

I was wondering if you had thoughts on how to best achieve extremely granular ticket permissions. If we are using the ticketing system to track issues on objects - where each object already has its own ACL - we're very interested in mimicking that ACL in the permissions on the ticket itself (actually, we don't care about the levels - more of a binary, 'can read/write ticket' versus 'cannot').

Is this possible? ACLs are at the NT / User group level right now.
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Currently user has access to issue if he has corresponding permissions for issue project or if he is a reporter of this issue. Also, access to issue may be restricted by user group.
As for ACL, we haven't thought about it and it looks like completely different approach if compare with current one.
May be your case may be somehow emulated using current schema?

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