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I have the following structure from my task mangement

  • Requirement 1
  * Feature A
     * Task X
     * Task Y
  * Feature B
     * Task Z

I have a estimate field, that when changed updates the parents estimer so Feature A estimate would be the total of task x and y and requirement 1 estimate would be the total of feature a and b.

1.)Is there a way i can prevent users manually changes the feature or requirements estimates but still allowing the workflow to update it?

2.)The estimates are in hours, so when you look at the requirement you might see something like 187, so i have added a new string field and a workflow that sets the value of it based on the estimate so it will display something like "4wks 5days".  What i would like to do is hide that field for all types other than the requirement type, is that possible?

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Hi Thomas,

1. To separate ordinary user that shouldn't have possibility to change estimate field and special user that can do it you can create special group "can update estimate" and check that given user is included in this group in workflow: loggedInUser.isInGroup("can update estimate").

If the workflow can change estimate field only on behalf of single user you can use loggedInUser == project.getUser("user").
Does it cover your case?

2. Unfortunately you cannot hide some field depending on other fields yet, vote for and
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Thanks for the prompt response, its much appreciated.

1. That covers my case and that will work fine, only issue is that i would need to create a special user which would take a licence (at the moment that is fine, but might be a point for you guys to consider in the future)

2. Thanks i will vote for them.

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