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I've setup mailbox integration with a new email account we created Now I want to have feedback and bug reports for two different projects created in YouTrack. How do I determine what project an emailed issue should be assigned to based on the email. It appears that I can only choose to assign all the emailed issues from to a single project. Is there a way around this without having to create multiple new email addresses like and

Thanks for any feedback,

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Hi Jeremy,

1. Mailbox settings.
If your mailbox supports filters and folders, you can create 2 folders and separate incoming letters using 2 filters rules (for bugs and feedback). In Youtrack you can specify 'Folder' on 'Mail rule' > 'Filter' tab.

2. Youtrack settings only.
Since 4.0 you can use workflow rules that assign appropriate project to incoming issue.

rule bug
when summary.contains("bug", opts) && becomesReported() { 
  project = {project: Bugs}; 

And feedback:
rule feedback
when summary.contains("feedback", opts) && becomesReported() { 
  project = {project: Feedback}; 

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