Best practices to move from list to agile

Hello JetBrains team,

As far as YT 4.0 is available to update we did this. So now questions started raising.

  • Columns on a board are based on State field which is historically quite rich in YT. At the same time agile board doesn't make a lot of sense with all 16 states as columns. We have tickets in nearly all states now and we'll just lose quite a lot of info if we move them into 3-4 states. Would it be reasonable to create new default field called 'Reason' for example so all card that go into 'Fixed/Done' will have a reason attached like 'Won't fix' or 'Invalid'. It's clear that such cards shouldn't appear on Scrum board because of planning phase but it seems that they may appear in Kanban.

  • It would be useful to see backlog in Kanban mode too. Curently it requires to create a sprint to have a backlog. Though we don't really need sprints since we don't follow this Scrum rule. Yet we have kind of time-boxed release interval which are flexible enough and Kanban fits best here.

  • How to move cards out of the board in Kanban on Done? We can have a state called 'Closed' for example (not a column) and move cards there after 'Done' but this will create constant yellow box on the top that some issues has states that is not board.

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I'd appericate devs or product owner suggestions for described cases since the feature is rather funny than helpful now, unfortunately...
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Dear eduar,
Thank you for your feedback.
1. Our Agile Board now has basic features to support classic Scrum and Kanban development.
We have bunch of issues to extend this functionality. Please take a look at And the feature you asked for is JT-14979 (cause attributes based on custom fields).

2. The respective feature request is

3. If you have state Closed that is not shown on the board, you can apply a command that change a state of a task to Closed using a toolbar or Command Window (Ctrl+J). Unfortunately you can't hide the yellow box now. I created a request for you JT-15575.

Feel free to vote for issues you need faster.

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Hello Alexander,

Thanks for you reply.

1) After reading JT-14979 it seems that the thing asked there is a bit different from my concern. I'm OK to have swimlanes by Feature/Issue since we won't use them commonly :). I'm trying to arrange columns view which is orthogonal to swimlanes instead.

Let me clarify what I was thinking about. When user applies Agile Board to a project he is asked to configure it. Settings panel is opened at this time. User chooses "Board Columns" that are notably "States" starting from "Submitted" and finished at "Verified". Totally 16 of them. It would be a nightmare to enable all columns on board to have same variety of states. All 16 columns will require really wide monitor to display properly. So users chooses 3-5 columns. This might be "Open", "In Progress", "Fixed", "Verfied". Sounds good? Yep, but we've lost several reasonable states like "Blocked" or "Invalid" or "Won't Fix", etc. So you either sacrifice usability and have a lot of columns or information and have a few columns.

That's my point. It would be good to be able to specify "Why" card has been moved to a specific column. This is kind of "Reason" or "Sub-state". I hope this adds clarity for my initial description.

2) Got it, I'll keep track on it.

3) Thanks a lot!
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1) Please follow up.

4) What I noticed is that cards are selected for the board by version only and selected project is completely ignored. Happens when swimlanes are turned off. The software we build follows "release train" approach so we have a number of projects (separated, built on different platforms by different people for different purposes) and they all share "Versions" bundle since versions are identical and it doesn't make sense to maintain X bundles instead of just one.

Attached actual screenshot of the board. Selected project is identified as "AD". However you can see tasks from "RPS" or "RP" projects as well on board. Actually "AD" project has no tasks assigned to this version/sprint at all. When I select "RP" project I see RP- tasks only. "RPS" has no Agile board enabled.
Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 11.12.21 PM.png
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4) This got turned into a ticket JT-15801 because board is kind of broken now and I can't use for any project except "AD" and even in this case I need to filter out tickets using search string.
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we're very appreciated your feedback. JT-15801 will be fixed as far as it's possible.
Concerning your point about the "Reason" i can suggest you to create a custom workflow and attach it to projects you need.
For instance, when a user moves an issue to a specific state this workflow triggers an action that opens a command window where user should set a "Reason" custom field you've added before or add a comment. Actually our default workflow that process duplicates works this way. You can clone and modify it as you need.
You can download Workflow Editor here. Online docs.
If you need help with such a workflow, don't hesitate to contact us.


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