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How do I setup a private textbox where i can add comments that other users cannot see?
I tried to create a text field, but it is shown togethe with the other fields and that is not good for longer text strings

Regards torben
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You can restrict comments to be visible only for selected group.

Does it cover you case?
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Sorry for my slow response.
It does not cover my needs. Often I have a need for 2 comment fields. One that the customer can see and one that only I can see.

Lets say I want to add code information or information from other customers that this customer must not see. Currently I have no place to locate it

Regards Torben
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You can put this hidden information (code or smth) into comment and restrict it by group 'developers'. This comment will be shown only to members of 'developers' group. Please refer to documentation.

If you are sure it doesn't suitable for you, please vote for the "private comment" request or for the "text area field" request

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