Sending scheduled emails from hosted YouTrack

We are using the hosted YouTrack, and I am trying to figure out the email integration. The doucmentation in the InCloud portion of the help site is fairly sparse.

What I am trying to do is have the results of a query sent to specific users or groups every day or X number of hours. Is this something I have to use the Workflow for?

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Hi Erick,

the following workflow sent daily at 12:00:00 notifications about critical issues:
schedule rule results sending 
daily at 12:00:00 [issue.Priority == {Critical} && issue.Assignee != null] { 
  project.getUser("user").notify("Critical issue", "Pay attention to critical issue " + getId()); 
  {group: youtrack-developers}.notifyAllUsers("Critical issue", "Pay attention to critical issue " + getId()); 

Does it cover your case?

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