Ordering fields in a project

We are using YouTrack 4.0 (build #3742).  When trying to re-order the fields on a project, the field order reverts to the default order after leaving the Projects > Fields page.  When on the Project Administration page for my project, in the Fields tab, I drag them into the order I want for this project and when I navigate away and come back, they are in the default order again.  I am in the Admin role for the system and have every permission available in the system.  Am I not doing something correctly or is this a bug?

This was with IE 8 on Windows XP (our corporate standard).  When I attempted with Google Chrome it worked as expected.  It appears to be an IE issue.
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thanks for your feedback! I've created an issue for the problem http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-16302
Please feel free to vote for it, add your comments, or just set yourself as a watcher to get notified about the issue's progress.

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