Issue opening event in workflow editor

I want to prevent the issue from being read by those who are not reporters or assignees of the issue.
In workflow editor I create 'stateless rule' with assert condition like this:

while SOME_EVENT {
    assert loggedInUser == reporter || loggedInUser == Assignee : "Access granted!"

But I need to know what event (SOME_EVENT) occures when issue is opening in browser?
If assert condition breaks, the issue should not be open.

Task is to prevent issues assigned to somebody to be read by others users.
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Your case mostly should be resolved by permissions settings.

Granting permission "Create issue" and excluding "Read issue" allows the reporter to read only own issues, but not others issues.
It's possible to restrict issue by visibility group, so reporter can set visibility group to "assignee group".

If you what do the last thing automatically you can realize it by the workflow:
rule visibility group 
when becomesReported() { 
  permittedGroup = {group: youtrack-developers}; 

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