create issue and attach one attachment with rest


im trying to create a issue with rest and attach one attachment with curl:

curl -X POST –user root:toor –data "project=PROJ&summary=blub&description=blubdescription&attachments=@flag.png" localhost:8080/youtrack/rest/issue

But my attachment is always empty:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><issue votes="0" historyUpdated="1353411573442" updated="1353411573442" created="1353411573442" description="blubdescription" summary="blub" numberInProject="17" commentsCount="0" fixedInBuild="Next build" updaterName="root" reporterName="root" projectShortName="PROJ" id="PROJ-17" subsystem="No subsystem" state="Submitted" type="Bug" priority="3"><attachments/><links/></issue>

how can i attach a file?


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