cannot access youtrack standalone from other machine

I installed YouTrack 4.1 on my Windows 2003 Server machine located somewhere out there, and I did a little bit of configuration on it, like creating a user and a project.
Then, I went to my DNS management thingie and I made "" point to my server's IP address.

When I am connected to my server via terminal services (remote desktop) I can fire up a browser and access YouTrack via http://localhost:8080, via http://my-server's-ip-address:8080, and via  

But if I try to access YouTrack from my machine at home, neither http://my-server's-ip-address:8080 nor work: after some waiting my browser gives me a "Could not connect to remote server" error.

What is wrong?

I have absolutely no experience with apache, so please explain as if you are explaining to an idiot.

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Never mind, the problem had the most obvious solution, that is, port 8080 had to be enabled via the Windows firewall.
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Just guessing but: It could be port 8080 is not routed on the outward facing firewall or router.
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I have the same issue. I've opened ports and even try to disable firewall at all. But I can't get access to YouTrack from network. Only on PC where the YT is installed.
What should I try to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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