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I'm currently testing youtrack with Teamcity. Teamcity is perfect but we would like to use YouTrack. So 'im testing it.
My issue comes when I try to perform commands on VCS (TFS for mine) comments :

I already attached 1 YouTrack Project with 1 Temcity configuration. And it's working very well. I can use "#AD-1 fixed username", the command is detected and executed, no problem.

BUT, then, I attached another youtrack project with another teamcity configuration. The bug "number" is parsed correctly but the command cannot be perform (even just for a 'fixed') : "#TK-2 fixed" : Tooltip error : "unknown command: fixed".

I don't know what to do. I tried evrything... The user "run on behalf of" is the root (so powerfull) for the 2 projects.

Can someone help me resolving this ?
PS : I'm using the free downloaded version of the both products (TC and YT)
PS2 : the user beside my picture is correct, I just erase it because I uploaded the file.
Thank you.
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Hello Julien,
'Run on behalf of' field is unrelated to this situation. What's important is that user 'julien' has permissions to update issue's State field and there's 'Fixed' value for States bundle. Could you please check your environment to make sure this is the case?

Best regards,
  Alexander Volfman
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!!! Thx a lot Alexander !!!
I forgot that Julien was allowed only on the first project...
It's clear that relations between TC user/YT user/YT 'run on behalf' user, was not clear to me.

I realize what confused me :
How my reporter (maxime) could assign (Assignee field) the bug to Julien if Julien had no permission to work on it?

Anyway, thx a lot for your quick response.
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User specified in 'run on behalf of' comes to play when applying a command specified in the configuration mapping, not in a commit message.

What do you mean by "had no permission to work on it"?
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Thx for the "run on behalf of" precision.

I mean:
Administration => Users => julien => tab: User Own roles =>
Here, Julien had 1 role but just for the first project, and not the 2d one...

AS a reporter, I could assign a "PROJECT1-bug" to julien even if julien had no permission on that project...
This has confused me.
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Being a project assignee does not necessarily implies being able to read issue private fields and vice verse.
For managing assignees check the project's Assignees tab.

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