Cant get GitHub to integrate with YouTrack

I just downloaded and installed YouTrack 4.1.1 (build #5678 [23-Nov-2012 15:39]) and am trying to test out Github integration, but I can't seem to get it to work. I was hoping someone would be able to point out where I've gone wrong. Here are my steps:


  • Create Repo YTT in GitHub
  • Clone repo to machine
  • Log in to YouTrack
  • Add new Project named Test with ID of YTT and my user as lead
  • Created a Group called TestCommiters
  • Added Developer role to TestCommitters Group for Test Project
  • Added my account to TestCommitters Group
  • Assigned TestCommitters Group to Test Project
  • Went to server settings and verified correct Base URL and Allow all origins is checked
  • Went to Project Test -> GitHub and added repository TTY using my log in details from GitHub, checked Enable service hook, and selected TestCommitters as the Committers
  • Went to repo TTY->Service Hooks->YouTrack in GitHub, verified Url and Committers matched values in YouTrack
  • Added the root account name and password for YouTrack and left Branch empty
  • Verified Active was selected, clicked Test Hook and was told payload was deployed, clicked Update Settings


  • Added new issue to YouTrack for Project Test
  • Was given IssueID TTY-1
  • Added a file to local clone
  • Committed change with comment #YTT-1 fixed
  • Pushed to GitHub
  • Verified in GitHub
  • Clicked on Issue YTT-1 in YouTrack and went to history and was told 'Issue has no history'

I have done this a few times now and I have verified that my user on GitHub has my YouTrack user's email listed on the account but I still can't get it to work. Any help would be appreciated.
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I do also have this problem. Exactly the same. I have a local Youtrack installation.

Could this be  a firewall issue? Is there a log you can look at?

Garret, did you solve this? Or was your problem the above mixing of TTY and YTT?
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Hello, Theodor!
There is a log, how did you install local YouTrack: .jar, .war or Windows service?
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As a Windows service.
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I found the std_out log, but i do not know what to look for.
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Traffic is only allowed on port 80 between my youtrack server and Github. Is that sufficient?
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Then you can find logs in %Installation_folder%/logs. By default installation_folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\YouTrack
You email this logs to, we'll check the logs and solve your problem. Be sure, that all your data will be safe.
Also, could you please tell approximate time of your commit? If it was more then several days ago you'll need to repeat some commit with command, to be sure the information is still in logs.
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No, that shouldn't be a problem.

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