Advice on time tracking across projects


I've noticed that time spent/estimates do not aggregate between issues in different projects.

I am wondering if this will be added in the future?

Also, is there is a way of emulating it in workflow?

I have tried the following but cannot find a way of using the 'Spend time' field or parsing its contents into a command...

rule make time accumulate across projects

when Spent time.changed {
  for each source in issue.subtask of {
    message("Subtask for: " + source);
    source.applyCommand("add work Today " + Spent time + " This is a test");

I looked at the string operations, but I don't know how to convert 'Spent time' to a string, even though it will be displayed in messages like 'P1DT3M' - 1 days 3 minutes.
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This bug is already in our tracker, please vote for
As for the workflow workaround - unfortunately period fields functionality isn't supported yet, please look at
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Thanks, I have voted.

This change would make a big difference for us as we have a separate 'Projects' project for project management style tracking of projects and milestones. It allows us to see all the 'Projects' on the agile board.

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