YouTrack burndown chart is wrong

I have created a new sprint on a project converted to Agile.  I have tasks/features in various states however, the burndown chart is a straight line across the bottom. I have all tasks and features defined with period as the Estimation.  I believe everything is setup properly - any help would be appreciated.  I can only assume that the Y axis is months? and that is why this chart is like this.  Ideally I wanted days although some tasks/features last more than a week (5+ days)
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Hello Whurley,

What YouTrack version do you use? If it’s InCloud version, could you please provide us with your server URL (name).
All your tasks had been assigned to the current sprint and the “Estimation field” had been configured.  Am I right? Please note, that the sprint becomes empty without assigned tasks, thus Burndown chart looks like straight line at the bottom.
Also, I have another suggestion according to your problem. We have an issue with autorefreshing Burndown charts, please take a look at this .  As a workaround you can click the “Refresh” button manually.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience!  

Please let us know if our assumption about your issue is wrong!

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