Cannot receive notifications from rule


I have following sample rule in my workflow attached to project:

rule Test

 when State.becomes({New})
    project.leader.notify("alert", "State changed to New");
    message("after notify " +;

Project leader is set, email also (and tested successfully from youtrack).
After changing issue State to New in GUI I see the message but there is nothing in mail inbox, in spam, probably email is not sent.

What could be wrong?

I've enabled notifications and they seems to work.
I tried many variants, without success.

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Hi Waldemar,

if you change 'State' by the project lead user please check that the "Receive notification on my own changes" setting is enabled in profile > "Filters and Notifications" tab.
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Hi Dmitry
Thanks, it was enabled by me. The problem still exists.
The notify method really sends emails from rule when is executed?
Maybe it does not work because of license?
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Please try the similar method with 3 parameters: project.leader.notify("title", "content", true);
Main possible problems are:
  1. mail server is configured not properly
  2. user has incorrect email

Also you can review the workflow.log for debug.
You can try to send email to some other user, use project.getUser("user").notify();

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