Multiple agile boards

Just curious if there is way to display, use multiple boards.

I my case I want to use one for displaying Features progress, just to have bigger overview. Basically for product owner, etc.
In second case I am using features as swim lines and Task for holding workload at lower level, basically more for developers.

The columns would be quite similar. {backlog, selected, inprogress, done}.

Any idea if its possible or will be? Thanks for any suggestion. J.U.
Hello Jaroslav

You can open these two board settings in separate tabs. However, if you start working with the board and perform any changes on these tabs, tab you opened first will be refreshed to the settings you applied last. You can not work with two different board settings.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any further questions
Hi Olga,
thanks for reply. I see it can work in that way, but that's not really acceptable.

Any chance your team would think of supporting multiple boards or board settings? What possibly time we are talking to be this available? Can I do something here myself?

Looking forward hearing from you. Jaroslav
Hi Jaroslav,

Any further questions are welcome.

Currently, you also can have some high-level overview. For example, one can collapse all tasks in features and set minimal view. Thus, only Features summary and minimal view of Orphans will be visible. At the same time developers could see detailed tasks view. Maybe this will work for your purpose.

You can create an issue with detailed request.

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