Column description at Agile board

just want to ask if there is option to have description for each column at Agile Board. I added description for states at setting, but it does not display it.

Reason: user could see what is the rule to be able to move a card to another column aka state.

E.g. for Done... it could be UT cover, all scenarios covered and it works at test environment.

it could be only visible if user scrolls mouse over title of the column. Now it displays number of tasks in column regarding to WIP.

Any idea how to achieve this or does it requires to you do some development. Where can I vote for it?

thanks, Jaroslav
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Hello Yaroslav,
Your use case is quite clear. Unfortunately, this is not supported in YouTrack at the moment. Here's the issue I created based on your request: JT-18717. Please feel free to comment it or vote for it to get it implemented faster.


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