Fixed in Build not being set

I have TC(7.1.4) and YT(4.2) installed on the same Win7 machine for testing purposes. I cannot seem to get the YT issue to go to a fixed or resolved state after a checkin to the VCS. TC detects the change and successfully builds the project, but the YT issue never changes state or has the fixed in build set.
The VCS comment that I'm using for testing purposes is #DFLT-1021 fixed where the TC project id is DFLT.
TC sees the issue in the issues tab, YT has the build info from TC in it's TC Changes tab.  I'm at a loss for what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone assist?
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I finally found the following text in the help documentation for YouTrack:
Each of command attempts are logged and displayed in an issue's TeamCity Changes and History tabs. If a command provided in a comment can not be executed due to some error, such command will still be shown in the History tab, but as an erroneous command. To see an error reason, hover cursor over the command in the history: the error will be displayed as a tooltip.
That was pivotal to my understanding what happened and what went wrong.  I could NOT find the error messages that they state should be present on the 'History' tab, they were only on the 'TeamCity Changes' tab.  What it amounted to was that my small testing instance did not properly have the root user in YT mapped to the email of the user that performed the GIT checkin. That wasn't immediately obvious, but once I found that little tidbit, I was on my way.
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Hi Matthew,
Thank you for the feedback. TeamCity changes tab will be redesigned in YT 5.0 and we'll take your point into account.


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