How to limit guest to "public" tickets and allow reporters to view tickets reported by themselves

This is my ideal scenario for guest users and reporters:

Guest users:
  • Can only list and view issues that are explicitly made public by us
  • Can view an issue if they have been given a direct URL.

  • Same as guest
  • Can list and view all issues reported by self

Our current solution is to set "Visible to" to a group that guest and reporters are not part of. We use the Default Visibility Group workflow to automatically set "Visible to" of newly created issues to "Developers" group.

Guest will not see these issues and we can manually set certain issues as visible to All Users.
We don't currently have a solution for reporters being able to view issues reported by self.

Any thoughts on how to best accomplish this?
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Hello Andreas,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

As far as can understand, you need to change the situation only with Reporters.

You can edit existing Reporter role - set the only "Create issue" option and disable others. In this way Reporter will be able to view issues only that were created by himself.

Feel free to ask any questions if have any problems with setting these up.

Thank you.

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