Bugzilla Import Error: 502: Proxy Error ( Connection refused ) on Attachments


I'm trying to set up a version of YouTrack on Windows with our existing (Bugzilla) data to sell to management.

I have everything installed as per instructions, and I have moved a database from the inaccessible Bugzilla server to a local MySQL instance.  All is therefor running locally and the import starts well.  

However, it fails when it gets to (what appears to be) the first attachment with the following error:

   Issue [ 8-1368 ] imported successfully
   Issue [ 8-1370 ] imported successfully
   Processing attachment [ screenshot.png ]
   Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 348, in <module> main()
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 29, in main bz_product_names, lambda issue: True)
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 318, in bugzilla2youtrack, created=str(int(attach.created) * 1000))
     File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 224, in createAttachment name)
     File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 218, in _process_attachmnets
    raise e
   urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 502: Proxy Error ( Connection refused )

I'm no expert on Python, but I added a print line for the url, which is something like:


Any thoughts on how I might track this down?  I'd like to show that this is a dead-simple migration for us so that I can get it in place for my next project :)
Hello Karl,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

Could you please clarify what configuration of proxy server do you have?
No problem - thanks for the reply Andrey.

I may have found the problem.  We have a corporate proxy but this migration was all being hosted locally (localhost), i.e. a single machine was holding the YouTrack installation and a copy of the Bugzilla MySQL DB.  

As a result, I didn't think that the proxy played any part in it.  Localhost is obviously bypassed in the machines proxy settings.  

However, having disabled the proxy in Internet settings, it now appears to be importing attachments.  It may be that the import was using the proxy settings and ignoring the exclusions?

(I now have another issue for a "HTTP Error 404: Not Found" on attachment import, so I'll look that one up and create a new post if necessary)

No, that's not necessarily to create a new thread.

Could you please send us YouTrack logs ( YouTrack logs are located in the <USER_HOME>/.youtrack/logs directory.). You can attach them here or send us to youtrack-incloud-support@jetbrains.com
We'll try to review them accordingly to your first problem (the reason is not clear) and according 404 error. The second issue causes because of incorrect URL of your attachments.

Thank you,
Waiting for details from you.
Thanks again.

I've cleared out my projects, wiped logs and then reimported.  I mailed a zip version of all the logs to you at youtrack-incloud-support@jetbrains.com  because it had a few (unimportant) passwords in.

The import works fine and imports 94 issues, many with attachments.  The attachment that fails is attached to a bug, 40, which seems fine in Bugzilla - I can access the attachment properly.  However, on import I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 348, in <module>
  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 29, in main
    bz_product_names, lambda issue: True)
  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 318, in bugzilla2youtrack
    , created=str(int(attach.created) * 1000))
  File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 225, in createAttachment
  File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 219, in _process_attachmne
    raise e
urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

The failing command seems to be:


If I try to run that URL, I get:

  <error>Issue not found.</error>

This seems consistent.

Thanks again for your help.

What YouTrack version do you use and what subscription (plan) do you have?
I assume it's not the last one (4.2) and your plan is "Free" (with 10 users). Seems like your issue is caused because of the limit of users accordingly your plan.
The big picture is the following: when the new user (not existed in YouTrack) is met during the import process, this user creates in YouTrack accordingly your plan. When the limit of available number of users is reached, issue with the unknown user cannot be imported as well as the new user in YouTrack cannot be created.

Since YouTrack 4.2 we have changed this mechanism and now it works as the following:
when the limit of users is reached, issue and the new user creates in YouTrack, but the user by default is "Banned".

I assume that you've faced exactly with this situation.
There are two ways to solve your problem:
1. You can upgrade your instance to more extended plan.
2. You can upgrade your YouTrack to the last version.

Thank you.
Hi Andrey,

I am using the latest one - I uninstalled/reinstalled today to make sure from file youtrack-4.2.exe.  Could it be picking up old database files or similar?

At this stage it's just an evaluation, but I'd really like to get all the data across into this standalone instance.

Hello Karl,

We've reopened the issue http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-17748 , we verified it once again and found it was fixed incorrectly. So, the issue is connected with the behaviour pattern which I've described in http://forum.jetbrains.com/message/YouTrack-905-5 .
We'll fix it as soon as possible, the fix will be included in our next update.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you might experienced.
Thanks Andrey. I will request a 60-day trial key and try that in the meantime.
Just to confirm, that using the 60-day key/trial, I was able to import without any issues.  Since I will need a commercial license on adoption, I will not need the 10-user fix, although I'm sure that other people will! :)

Thanks again for your help.

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