Bugzilla Import Error: 502: Proxy Error ( Connection refused ) on Attachments


I'm trying to set up a version of YouTrack on Windows with our existing (Bugzilla) data to sell to management.

I have everything installed as per instructions, and I have moved a database from the inaccessible Bugzilla server to a local MySQL instance.  All is therefor running locally and the import starts well.  

However, it fails when it gets to (what appears to be) the first attachment with the following error:

   Issue [ 8-1368 ] imported successfully
   Issue [ 8-1370 ] imported successfully
   Processing attachment [ screenshot.png ]
   Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 348, in <module> main()
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 29, in main bz_product_names, lambda issue: True)
     File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 318, in bugzilla2youtrack, created=str(int(attach.created) * 1000))
     File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 224, in createAttachment name)
     File "C:\YTImp\python\youtrack\connection.py", line 218, in _process_attachmnets
    raise e
   urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 502: Proxy Error ( Connection refused )

I'm no expert on Python, but I added a print line for the url, which is something like:


Any thoughts on how I might track this down?  I'd like to show that this is a dead-simple migration for us so that I can get it in place for my next project :)


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