Workflow rule doesn't work on production server

I need a rule in my youtrack system that automatically assigns the reporter when the item is fixed. Therefore I create a rule (AucxisWorkflowAutoassignreporter) that you can find attached to this item.
This rule works great on a test server I  am running but when I activate it onto my production environment I got the error "Workflow AucxisWorkflowAutoassignreporter reports error: Can't set value to custom field Assignee
Contact project admin Willem Van Leest"

I don't see what I'm doing wrong. Any tips / suggestions? (2KB)
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Hi Tom,

it seems that either the reporter isn't included into the project 'assignees' set or the logged in user hasn't permissions to modify the 'Assignee' field.
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Great, works now. User root was used for testing but that user wasn't included in the assignee list.

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