Issue get automatically duplicated

In addition to my inCloud account, I've a YouTrack Free Pack User license that I use for other purposes.

This YouTrack installation fetches message from an email address to create new tickets for a specific project.
I've created two tickets in such way.
For some reason, one of these tickets keeps getting automatically duplicated (and YouTrack also automatically set references to the first original ticket).
I didn't set any custom workflow (i.e. I've left the default ones) and I really have no clue why this is happening.
The original email has been cancelled by YouTrack (and I've verified: the inbox is actually empty).

How can I find how the ticket got created?
There is some sort of log I can check?
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Hello Andrea,

Looks like this is an issue. But we should research preconditions first and review the logs to understand how it may be reproduced, and were you configured Mailbox integration correctly.
What YouTrack Stand-alone version do you use? What Mailbox integration parameters do you have (Port, Protocol, Host)?
Could you please send us YouTrack logs (YouTrack logs are located in the <USER_HOME>/.youtrack/logs directory.)
Also, it will be very helpfull if you'll provide us with the .eml file of your email, that was duplicated.

You are welcome to send logs to or attach them here as well as .eml file.

Thank you,
Waiting for details from you.

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