Adding subtasks to a sprint in the agile board

Is there a way to add an issue that is a subtask of some other issue to a specific sprint in the agile board. Currently when i go to the agile board and open the backlog sidebar, i can only drag parent issues. I am envisioning a case where i have an issue that is like an Epic or a Big User Story and then it is decomposed into multiple smaller user stories (possibly in a 3 level hierarchy). Now the smaller stories are what can be accomplished in a sprint and i want to be able to drag them into a given sprint (not the entire parent) but just some of the smaller user stories.

Currently i don't see a way to drag it and if i go to a subtask and change the Fix Version on it, then go back to the agile board, it actually shows the entire parent hierarchy.
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Hello Darshak Thakore,

Your use-case is understandable.

Unfortunately, the only way to see relations of the task is to use query in "Issue view".
We have a task regarding this feature request , you are welcome to vote and leave comments.

Feel free to contact us if have any questions, we'll be happy to help.
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Thanks Andrey for the information. I've added my vote to JT-15968.
I hope there is enough momentum from the users for this issue. For our own use, having this feature will get us closer to adopting YouTrack instead of Jira in our enterprise.

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