Calculate issues by schedule and send notification


I am using Youtrack Workflow Editor to create Schedule Rule and I want to create rule that in certain time aggregates any issues parameter (for example issues number) from some filter and sends notifications to all users about this. Is it possible?

I find some example, but as I right understand it sends notification for each issue but i need to travel through all issues and make some calculates before send email:

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Hello Alexander,

Unfortunetely, this is not available using Workflow.

You can implement this using REST API. Here is the method that you can use to get a number of issues.

For that, use "Login to YouTrack" method first ( ), then "Get a Number of Issues" method. You can create a simple shell script including these methods in it, and add it to schedule. It will be executed according cron's rule.

Thank you.
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Okay, thanks. We have already used this approach, but I thought that may be it possible through the workflow editor. So if it not available we will continue using REST API.

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