Importing tickets

Does the Python Client library import all the attachments associated with Trac tickets into You Track? I'm trying to move away from Trac to YouTrack. I use the Python lib to import the tickets into YouTrack but I do not see any of the attachements in You Track?
Hi Gesly A George,

Yes, attachments could be imported.
Do you import to InCloud or Stand-alone YouTrack? Please, check that you are logged in both instances: YouTrack and Trac with the same Admin user, same credentials.

What was the error message after the failed attempt to import? Please, attach output logs here or send them to .

Thank you.
Thanks Andrey. I think the issue was the script was failing with errors before import code was invoked. I put a try catch around the import part and I was at least able to run the full script.

Now for some reason YouTrack is getting the path to the attachments from Trac wrong. I'm not sure how it determines the path to use for the attachments. For example, this is a path the script is using for a Trac attachment, but there is no file at this path. But I can clearly open this file attached to ticker 447 from Trac.

The log message in the script is
Processing attachment [ C:\DciDevelopmentCenter/attachments/ticket/447/FactorDashboard20130326.jpg ]

Any insights on what might be going on here? FYI, the trac enviroment is at C:\DciDevelopmentCenter but there is no attachments folder there. There is a C:\DciDevelopmentCenter\files\attachments\ticket folder under which there are folders with random names. See the attachment.

Hello Gesly,
What version of Trac do you use?
Trac 1.0, but this was upgraded from 0.12 which itself was upgraded from an older version.
Hello Gesly,
Sorry for the delay.
I've just fixed the issue with attachments. Please, download the latest library version and try again.

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