Tips on creating a Kanban board

I am evaluating YouTrack for use as an electronic Kanban card wall. Potentially with other projects using a SCRUM board.

So far I am impressed with the software and its flexibility.

I have a couple of questions

1. Is there a way of removing Select Sprint / Edit Sprint elements from my Kanban board? I have set the sprint to place holder "No Fixed Version" but the hover over tool tips still refer to sprints and the calendar allows for admins to create and assign sprints to my Kanban board.

2. Can board columns be split and retain the WIP limited? For example, I would like a Dev column that has a WIP limit of 8, but is  split into In Progress and Done. This will help visualise the workflow and highlight blockages.

3. Are there any other charts and metrics for Kanban other than Cumulative Flow?

Any other tips for creating Kanban boards appreciated.

Will W
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Hello Will,

Sorry for the delay. Seems, that we have an issue in our JetForum, and my reply hasn't been visible to you. So, I repeat it.

First of all, thank you for pleasure feedback, we appreciate it.

1. I recommend you to switch to a fullscreen mode (arrow button at the top right corner of the board), in this case all tools disappear and you will be able to see only your board. But, I assume that problems with referring to create a new sprint occurs because of the sprint configuration. Please, check if sprint was configured correctly and valid dates were chosen in calendar.

2. Unfortunately, your use-case cannot be implemented, because States cannot be gathered in one column. I would like to suggest you to create a special feature (it will be a Swimlane on Agile board) and assign it to lead developer of yours. You will clearly see all the subtasks on the swimlane (which of them are In Progress and which of them are Done). Th main idea is to identify developers' subtasks from others. This swimlane will display only developers' subtasks.

3. Regrettably, we have not implemented other charts, yet. But I would like to ask you, what kind of charts are not enough for your goals?

I will provide you with our materials, about how can Agile process be completed with YouTrack.

Interesting way to customize YouTrack for Agile/Kanban:

I think, it will be interesting for you, too. This is the reference about Pomodoro technique:

Thank you and you are welcome to contact us, if have any questions, we'll be happy to help.
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Hi Andrey,

Thanks for getting back to me.

1. The full sprint mode is useful. But my point is the Kanban systems do not have a notion of sprints. That is SCRUM specific, so I was wondering if there was a way to hide this to avoid confusion.

2. That's a shame. Would I be able to raise this as a feature request? This feature is pretty standard among the Kanban focused electric board software tools.

These lanes are a vital element of a mature Kanban system as they act as visual buffers to highlight problems in the workflow.

3. Specifically Lead and Cycle Times. These are an important Kanban metrics. Break down charts would also be useful (percentages of issues in certain states or by type, etc.) Any tips on creating the data to make these myself using the Reports functionality?

I have also noticed that the WIP limit on Board Columns does not seem to be enforced. I have a column with an upper limit of 4. When I drag a 5th item in the column I would expect to be blocked or at least have a message. Instead it just lets the item in, Is this normal?

Thanks for the links. Has a look at the Umbraco talk. Some handy tips, but they only lightly touch on the Agile board and have no examples of Kanban.

It would be great to get the Kanban elements I mention working. The YouTrack is very close to being a fully functional Kanban tool. I would love to be able to use the same tool to manage Defects, SCRUM projects and KANBAN.

All the best

Will W

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