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I was wondering if it's currently possible to pull the current agile board and/or time tracking configuration from the REST API.
I would be nice to see per project how the agile board was configured (column field and values, sprint identifier, color card field, swimlane identifier) also the time tracking would be very handy (field for estimation and spent time).
If it's not available, is this something that would be sooner or later support?

I have another question about the time tracking API. I read that it would be available for 4.2 but I cannot find any documentation for it.
I have been guessing around a bit but cannot find the actual requests.

Both these questions would greatly increase the usability of the YouTracker app I'm working on.

Thank you for reading!

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Nevermind the second question. I have just noticed that the documentation is updated for the time tracking api. Thank you!

I still would like to know if it's somehow possible to retrieve the agile board and time tracking configuration though.


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